Thursday, June 12, 2014

DIY: Gold Diamond Wallpaper

Here is another fun, easy, and inexpensive wall accent! This is probably the easiest accent wall I have done. I actually did two adjacent walls this time and it only took a few hours, and about $4!! :)  This idea originated from a tutorial that Mandy from Vintage Revivals did. I loved it! She did triangles and the look was a little more modern than what I was going for. So I simply modified it to be diamonds!

Supplies needed:

  • Snap chalk line (like THIS
  • "Paint" Marker. I found mine at Walmart for $2! I used gold and for both walls I only used 2! Found in their craft section. 
  • Yard Stick
  • Tape measure
First thing you need to do is mark out your grid. You will need horizontal and vertical lines evenly spaced along your wall. The horizontal lines are wider apart and will determine the height of the diamond. The vertical lines are closer together and will determine the width. 

I went along and just made a small pencil mark every 16in for my vertical lines (mark at the top and bottom of the wall) and every 24in for the horizontal lines. After it is marked off you can snap your chalk line to "draw" a perfectly straight line! Simply line up your marks on the top and bottom of the wall and "snap" the chalk line.  Your wall should look like this when done:

Sorry for the bad lighting in these pictures..I did most of my work after the kiddos went to bed! :) 

I started my measurements, for both walls, from the shared corner and worked my way out. This way, partial diamonds would occur at the end of each wall allowing full diamonds to flow nicely through the shared corner.

Now that you have the grid all marked out, start drawing your diamonds! Use the yard stick for a straight line (you can get one in the paint section at Home Depot for under $1).

In the picture below I tried to highlight where your lines connect: 4 of the rectangles will make ONE diamond. You will draw a diagonal line across each of the small rectangles. The red lines represent my chalk lines that form my grid, the yellow is my paint maker line. 

Just make sure you only do one rectangle at a time! 
Also, when using the paint Markers you will want to shake them regularly to maintain a good flow! I would keep a paper plate with me and whenever the marker seemed to be running low I would press the tip onto the plate to get the paint running again. 

Once the first wall was done I wiped off the chalk with a damp cloth and moved to the next wall. 

Here are some "final" pictures..even though this room is far from being decorated! I love how simple this was! And it added fun character to the room without being overwhelming. 

The Gold is fairly light and hard to capture in a picture, but it is so beautiful in person! 

Sorry for the empty frame.. :) 

If you want something a little more bold, try a black marker! My neighbor did this and it turned out super cute!! 

What do you think??? Is it worth the $4?? :) 

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