Saturday, February 15, 2014

Quick Living Room Update

I have been meaning to take pictures of the new paint in our living room for the past couple of months and it hasn't happened.... So I am just throwing some up there that I took with my phone real fast to send to family and friends!! I didn't really even clean before I took these so no judgment, ha!

I painted our living room in a light blue several months ago and it just never really settled with was too bright and a little too "minty". So after months of debating if I should paint it or not or what color I just went for it! And I loved how it turned out!



 I painted the wainscoting darker blue and repainted the back wall to be bright white again.

..closer up view taken while painting... notice my sample colors painted on the white wall..  :)

 We also bought a grey slip cover for our couch! So now I can change it out with our white one. I like the white more but the grey is easier to maintain! We also rearranged for a bit to open things up during the holidays when we had a full house! We sold the coffee table (I already have plans for a new one!) as well as our Sofa table--Chad is working on building me a "custom" one! :)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Nursery: Stenciled Herringbone Wall

I am so excited to share this with you today, I LOVE THIS WALL!! But first I need to confess that this was not my original idea--I totally copied it from Sawdust and Embryos. Check out her wall HERE; her whole blog is amazing, I love everything she does!

She gives a great tutorial, so I will just quickly summarize and show a bunch of pictures :) She did five sections, I thought that would be a little too big for my small room so I divided my wall into 6 sections, snapped the chalk line and taped it off.

..and I'll go ahead and apologize for poor picture quality; I have yet to figure out how to take a picture of a wall with a window.. so most of these were taken at night.

I picked 6 different colors for this wall and each color had its own stencil. I made all of my stencils to help cut down cost! The red trellis, black triangles, and yellow polka dots I cut with my Silhouette--easy peasy. I thought you could also find a simple scrapbook cut-out/punch in the size of triangle and circles you want and use that to cut out your stencil of you do not have a Silhouette. 

The Light blue trellis stencil I made using a TP roll! :) Super easy! Just dip it in a bit of paint and stamp!

The pink wavy lines I originally intended to use Frog tape for--but it was EXPENSIVE! So I figured I could draw squiggly lines and paint them in ;) Use chalk to draw, paint it, then wipe the chalk off when the paint has dried. 

..making progress...

My last stencil was the turquoise flowers. This was a stencil that I cut by hand a few years ago. I used it in our mud room to make cardboard boxes into cute shoe storage boxes.  

This is a slow process, if you have never stenciled before you might find it intimidating! :) But it is pretty basic. I found it easier and faster to do 2-3 stencils at a time. Most of my stencils would overlap on itself so I would do one stencil and let it dry for a bit while I did another color, then switch back and forth...make sense??

..see how I line it up by overlapping it?? 

..this is two stencils widths across..

More Progress...

And the funnest part---Taking off the tape!!
I Love how it turned out!!!!!!!!

Check out my easy pom-pom back drop HERE!


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Easy {and FREE!} Heart Wreath

This is a super easy project that is perfect for Valentines Day! All you need is a bundle of sticks, hot glue and gun, and some rope or burlap.

With my new red door (that I love!), I needed a Valentines wreath that wasn't red or pink. This was the perfect solution; easy and adorable!

I went for a walk on the one sunny day we had and gathered a bunch of sticks for this project :) 

Use your sticks to form the outer shape of the heart, using your glue gun to secure the sticks together. 

Start adding more sticks, going mostly across the heart and securing with glue as you go.

And just keep adding sticks until you get it as full as you want! 

And you are done!! 
I used rope to hang mine, securing the rope on the back with glue.  If I had remembered that I had burlap I may have used that instead, but I still love it!! :)