Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Patio Design Board

We can not wait until we move into our home and have our OWN back yard!!!!!!! We are already dreaming and making plans for our landscaping and patio :) Here are our patio ideas:

Chad already made me an outdoor sectional out of pallets! ..That we got for FREE!! Hehehe! :) 

 Sorry about that horrid shadow and all the ugliness in the background....

Now I need to make some seat cushions for them!! And buy these cute pillows at Home Depot that I have had my eye on for awhile (hoping for a sale...!)

We also have some left over pallets, so my most wonderful Hubby is going to make me a coffee table like this one I found on Pinterest! ..of course ;)
Shipping pallet coffee table!! Isn't so cute!! I want to paint mine white too!

We also want to build a brick or stone patio in our backyard and the Chad is going to build a cool Pergola to enclose the area!
pergola w/ brick patio 

 I also want to hang some curtains on it so its pretty and fresh looking like this:
DIY backyard cabana

And to finish it off we are going to get a firepit to put in the corner; I'm really diggin' this one from Kmart, and it's fairly priced! 
Jaclyn Smith Today Fire Pit at Kmart.com
Well, there is my design board for our patio! :) I cant wait to have it all done in just a few months!!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Some Crafts

Here are a few of the crafts I have been doing:

Kitchen Rugs:
I painted our kitchen rugs! They were just too dark for me :)


Lucy peaking over at me :) I feel like our kitchen in so much brighter now! Especially with the new wall collage I made......

Wall Collage:
I did two: one a few  months ago for our bedroom and one recently on the wall between the kitchen/family room area.

 I love Lucy's hands! The top left frame is filled with copies of Lucy's hands..I just did that in our printers copier
I made this for Chad for Christmas

I made this, I just printed off a new one though...all the empty white space at the bottom is bugging me... :)

I have really been wanting an old barn-wood ladder for awhile. However I haven't been able to find one at a reasonable price! So Chad made me one! It doesn't quite look "old" but I still really like it. I stained it with a water/vinegar/steel-wool mixture. 

And Lastly...I got a Silhouette for Christmas!!!! Its this fun crafting machine that looks like a printer but instead of a print cartridge there is a blade. It cuts vinyl, fabric, paper, stencils...etc. I also have colored markers/pens that I can replace the blade with. Its pretty amazing :) ..and I really still dont know how to use it! But I did my first project (with several failed attempts). Chad and I have had this wedding photo up since we got married, the bottom was just blank before, waiting for some vinyl. 

I did learn my lesson with intricate fonts.....I will probably never do it again!!! ;)


We went out  and took some pictures of our  little Angel at the orchard..the same place we took our fall family pictures :) It was so pretty and our timing was perfect!

We Love this little girl so much!!

I made the decision! Our House Exterior Colors are...

Yesterday Lucy and I went to the Design Center again...hoping that it would be the last time! ;) I was so grateful for all the input I had from you! It made me more confident to go in and tell them what I wanted! And its a good thing to! The first thing she did was show me pictures that she had looked up to give me ideas...and they were all DARK, NAVY blue...Goodness!!! But in the end I think I did get what I wanted...I am still so nervous though! I'm constantly second guessing myself..were the colors light enough? Should I have gone with a more blue-blue instead of a green-blue? UGH!!! I even had nightmares last night that they did my house wrong and everything was ugly!..Like weird old looking yellow tile in my bathroom and ugly cabinets.... Man, I'm at my wits end! :)
So, after hearing everyone's input I played with the color of the house a little more...I kept the blue but went even lighter on the grey..this ended up being my favorite and this was the picture I brought with me!


These are the actual colors I ended up picking---the two middle colors.

And this is the stone. This was my second choice; there was some other stone that was more grey and I LOVED it! However, our neighbors right next to us had already picked it so we couldn't..darn..

And this is the ugliest picture I have ever colored :) I wanted to give you a better idea of what OUR house will look like--this is our floor plan. However I didnt have a light blue-green colored pencil or even a grey... I am hoping our actual house looks A LOT BETTER than this...but I think you get the general idea :)

What Color Should My House Be?

House Exterior Dilema

Yesterday Chad and I went to the Design Center to pick out all of the guts of our house..light fixtures, trim, cupboards, floors, etc.  I had to set up another appointment for this coming Tuesday to finalize our exterior colors, our interior decorator that was helping us was not on the same page as me!! It was very frustrating, I had a perfect idea of what I wanted and she kept trying to steer me in another direction! In the end I was just too flustered and frustrated to make a decision! I didnt think the color scheme I had in mind was bad...... :( I am really wanting to go for a light country feeling; with light colors such as white, light grey, and a blue or minty green or maybe even a yellow :) However she kept trying to get me to go towards dark greys, navy, dark green, or beige..NOO!!!!!!!!!!! Was my idea really that bad? I want you to tell me!! I found this cool website that allowed me to pick the colors for a house and save it. I am going to number the homes below and I want you to tell me what one is your favorite, or if I really am crazy..... :)

 #1 grey w/ blue
   #2 grey w/ yellow
 #3 grey w/ mint

 #4 grey w/white

 #5 white w/ grey

Tell me what you think!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our House!!


So Chad and I have had a very exciting week and the week to come will be even crazier!! WE ARE BUYING A HOUSE!!!!!! Its a little sooner than we were originally planning but we found one we are in love with and didn't want to pass it up :) Its being built right now and we will probably be moving into it in June or July. It's a cute 2 story with an unfinished basement. We drove out there today after church (for the 10th time...hahah) and took some cute pictures for you to see!

 Look at the beautiful blue sky!!! :)
 Chad in our front door 
 Side--window wells for basement
 Our backyard!! 0.18 acres, not a bad size
Our backyard view!! That is a little walking trail and below that is the river..such a pretty 
view and we will never have backyard neighbors!!!! :)

We are so excited!! This week we get to go the the Design Center and pick out everything so that will be a lot of fun :) This week Chad also has to finish his finals so he can graduate on Friday! This week we also have to finish painting the walls in our family room so it doesn't look ghetto when our family comes into town. This week I need to clean my house really well before everyone comes into town--its a disaster. This week I also need to make a whole bunch of food for Chads graduation party, but first I need to go grocery shopping..AHHH!! Its going to be a crazy a week but we are excited and can't wait to see some family soon :)