Monday, August 18, 2014

Farmhouse Style Coffee Table

I am so excited to share this post with you! This table turned out far better than I even imagined!

I found an old coffee table at a thrift store and had to buy it when I saw the legs; they were so chunky and incredible! My original plan was to tear the legs off the table and use them to build a new custom coffee table. But time has not been something that we have a lot of lately and we are constantly debating if we want a coffee table in our family room while we have young children--they seem to be a hazard! :) 

Anyways... of course I forgot to take a "before" picture, but it was just an old oak finish. I painted the legs bright white, I didn't bother painting the top since I knew I would be covering it.

Once the legs were painted I measured and cut wood to the length I needed, I cut it 1 inch longer than the actual top so it would hang over about a half inch on either side. I used 1x4 finished grade pine from Home Depot (so smooth it hardly took any preparation).

After cutting, I sanded the rough edges. I then moved the wood off the coffee table to stain so I wouldn't drip stain on my freshly painted legs. 

I used Minwax "Classic Gray" Stain and LOVED it!! This was the first time I had seen it at Home Depot and decided to try it. It is hands down the best grey stain I have used, and I have probably tried every gray stain out there......   :) 

After the boards have been stained and are dry you can screw them on to the top of your table.

I started laying the boards from the middle and worked my way out. I measured the middle of my table and marked it on both sides to help line up my first piece. 

Because I have an even number of boards; I had a board on each side of my middle mark. You can barely see the mark in the picture below, I lined the edge of my board up with it. 

Then add your first screw to the middle of this board, making sure to get it close to the edge but through the original table top.

Line up the other end and place a screw on that side so your board is secure, then in the middle if you want a row of screws down the middle of your table as well. Keep going until all your boards are secure :)

Now just do a clear coat! I used a polyurathane. I brushed a thick layer on the top and let that dry all day. Then sprayed the whole table with a coat as well. 

And it is beautiful!!! I cant wait to do more projects with this gray stain!

 I love the feeling these exposed screws give it; just perfect!!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Striped Side Table

Do you remember this table that I refinished??


 I love it so much! But the mint color just wasn't working for me so I decided it needed a new look.

I lightly sanded it and spray painted it white. After it had dried for a day I taped off the top for stripes.

I didn't measure but just put the first piece of tape right down the middle and eyed the others so that they were about the same distance apart.

I then taped of the edges.

With  a dark color like black I wanted to make sure to prevent paint from leaking under the tape. To do this, I lightly painted over the tape seams with the same white paint. This seals the edges. Let it dry then you are ready to paint your stripes!

I did two coats of black paint, letting it dry for about 20 minutes in between.

I let it dry for just a moment then take the tape off.

If there is any mistakes, the paint will still be wet so you can quickly wipe it off with a damp cloth. 

I let it dry for a day then did a clear coat over it to protect it.
I LOVE how it turned out! I feel that white and black are so simple and classy.