Thursday, November 15, 2012

Our Home Tour: Kitchen & Dining

Our kitchen was looking pretty clean so I thought I better take advantage of the opportunity to do a little photo shoot :) Plus, I thought I should show you how it looks now before I get to work changing it! hehe! For Christmas I told Chad I just wanted the money to do some kitchen projects. I am so excited to start working on them soon and will update as I go! Here is the kitchen now:

DIY Stools my Hubby Built :)

Metal Wall Art turned Pot Hanger

DIY "Eat" Letters

 Refinished chairs and Dining table

 I Love having this tray on our table to keep things together, it keeps it from looking cluttered!

Stenciled Wall

Picture frame turned Chalkboard

 Refinished Retro Gold and White Dresser


  1. cute! can't wait to see more of the house!!

  2. I am so in awe! This is all so beautiful! Did you do all of it? And where are you living now?