Monday, April 8, 2013

Before and After: Ugly Table-Lamp turned Side Table

I found this table lamp at the DI a few months back..for $7, yep that's right! :) It didn't look like much at the time but I knew it would be a beauty!

The top lamp part twisted off, I also took off the metal ring around the top of the table. The lamp was holding the table top in place, so we had to secure it back on. We used some liquid nails and a few screws as well.

 I then used this wood filler to fill in the hole on top. This is our favorite kind and we use it all the time! It dries fast, and sands to a smooth finish. You can stain or paint over it as well.

Let it dry, then sand it smooth. You may have to do it twice.

Then I painted the table! Primed it first, then I painted it in a super cute Mint color that I found on discount!

And here is the after!

Can you believe the difference a little paint makes? :) 


  1. What a beautiful transformation! I love the little side table! If you have a chance, please share this on my linky party:

    1. Thanks so much! And I will happily share it on your linky party! :)