Thursday, June 21, 2012

Real Salt Lake

Yesterday we FINALLY went to a Real Salt Lake Soccer game!! It was so much fun! We brought Brittany and Devin with us and had a blast! To add to the excitement for Brittany and I we played against David Beckham! hahah! It was fun to try and get a picture of him :)

Its about 9:00pm here..she wasnt going to smile for me, hah!

David Beckham in the middle, number 23 :) "The closest you will EVER get 
to him" said Chad to Britt and me ;)

Chad with the Real Salt Lake Scarf I bought him! He was SO excited!
Can't you tell? haha! No, this picture was taken at the end..we lost...I was trying
to get him to smile so I could take a pic of him with his new scarf, it was a hard task
at the moment :)

We were glad we went and got out with our friends and did something!

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