Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our Old Rental; Before and After

I have been meaning to post these pictures FOREVER! They got tossed to the side when we started packing and moving. We did a lot to fix up the house we were renting before we purchased our home and I thought I might as well share some pictures!


The first thing that need to go was that hideous carpet!!!!


 We ripped the carpet up and started laying down the laminate flooring. Our landlord was buying it and wanted whatever was on sale and cheapest! :) But ANYTHING would be an improvement!

Ahhh....much better :)

The cabinets came next. We painted them "chocolate" brown using a cabinet painting kit from Home Depot, it was from Rustoleum. The kit was only $75 and it included paint color, glaze, and clear protective coat. For this small kitchen we ended up only using half of it! I really liked it and would use it again!

Before picture of cabinets: 


Last were the walls. We stripped off the wallpaper (easier than I though, it all came off in about 20 minutes!) and we also painted the family room that connects to the kitchen the same color to add a better sense of flow to the house. Here are some before pictures of the family room:

 Love those walls? ;) And The green carpet!?!
The family room was also SUPER crowded. Our landlord still had some of his furniture in the house which made fitting all of ours difficult. Thankfully we were able to put his stuff in a storage unit and rearrange our stuff!

And Afters of everything:
These were taken right before we moved, so there aren't any pictures up and I had already bought another couch for our new place...so it looks a little crowded :) But I LOVE the change it brought to the house! Paint color is "Gentle Rain" by Behr.

This cream couch is the extra...   :)

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