Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Gold Polka Dot Bathroom

I am so excited to share Lucy's bathroom with you today! This is now my favorite wall in our house :) I LOVE how it turned out! I debated for awhile what I wanted to do with Lucy's bathroom; stripes, wainscoting, stencil, etc. And then what color?! Sometimes I spend so much time trying to decided what I want to do and debating it over and over in my head that it never gets done :) So I just decided one day I was going to do it, and for whatever reason polka dots where on my mind that day. And as I was debating between about 5 colors Chad showed up and told me to paint it gold. So gold polka dots it was!

Here is a picture of her bathroom before; all plain and boring.

I made a stencil and started going at it, I would just mark the end of the stencil with chalk and then start there with my next circle. I used Martha Stewart's paint in Pearl Gold. 

While I was painting I also decided to switch out her boring towel rack with a fun mantle. I had the mantle already; one that my father had built when I was young. I just painted it blue and added some cute knobs on it from Hobby Lobby! Here is what her bathroom looks like now!

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  1. I've loved the whole polka dot trend on clothing and fabric, but this is gorgeous too! Seriously, I love it!