Tuesday, April 9, 2013

DIY Decorative Books

This is a simple DIY project that only takes a few minutes, can be done with supplies you already have, and makes such a big difference when adding those last few touches around the home.  :)


Books (just grab some laying around your house! and hardcovered books are easier to work with)
Scrapbook paper or wrapping paper

This is NOT permanent--so don't worry about ruining any books! We will just be wrapping them up like a pretty present for display :)

I'm sure this would be easy for anyone who has ever wrapped anything before but I will show a few pictures, hopefully they don't confuse you more..haha! :)

The supplies I used; I just grabbed a few books and gathered up some scrapbook paper and wrapping paper that I had lying around :)

Place one of your books on the wrapping paper; fold the paper over the book so that the front and back are covered. Cut the paper so that you have extra on every side.

Fold the paper over the side of the book and into the front on the cover, secure with tape.

Now flip the book over and do the same to the other side; fold paper over the outer cover of the book and secure the paper with tape on the inside of the book.

If you have more than 1/2 inch of paper hanging over the top and bottom of the book, feel free to trim it off.
The picture below shows about how much extra I had to work with. 

 Now you just need to fold and tape the bottom and top! But before you fold the paper over the bottom of the book cover, you will want to snip a small straight line at the corner of the book....I know that doesn't really make sense so see my picture below :) 

 Now fold the paper in and secure with a piece of tape.

Flip the book over and repeat; cut a small  line in the corner, than fold paper over and secure. 

 Once you have both sides secured you will have this little "tail" left :)
Just cut it off!

And your done!

Look how cute these upcycled books look on my upcycled table! :) 

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