Thursday, January 30, 2014

DIY "LOVE" Scrabble Blocks

This is a super easy, cheap, and cute DIY that is perfect for your Valentines Decor!

wood- I used a 2x4 that I already had out in the garage
Black paint and thin brush
black permanent marker
"L O V E" and the numbers 1 and 4 Print out

Cut your wood so that each block is square.
These were easy enough that I did two sets at once

Stain the blocks the color you desire, I just used Minwax Weathered Oak, so it just barely tinted my wood. I wanted it more natural looking. 

Can you see the slight difference?? :)

Let the stain dry for several hours or even overnight. Print off the letters "LOVE" in the size and print you want, as well as the numbers 1 and 4. The font I used was Segoe UI, my letters were size 200 and my numbers were size 72. I did all caps; simply type it in Word and print it out in black. 

Cut each letter and number out, place it on the wooden block where you want it. Now use a PENCIL and outline the letter. Put some pressure on it when tracing :) When you remove the paper you should see a faint line, simply fill in the letter with black paint and a thin paint brush! The numbers were small enough that after I had traced them I just used a permanent marker to fill it in.

And you are done!!

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