Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Easy {and FREE!} Heart Wreath

This is a super easy project that is perfect for Valentines Day! All you need is a bundle of sticks, hot glue and gun, and some rope or burlap.

With my new red door (that I love!), I needed a Valentines wreath that wasn't red or pink. This was the perfect solution; easy and adorable!

I went for a walk on the one sunny day we had and gathered a bunch of sticks for this project :) 

Use your sticks to form the outer shape of the heart, using your glue gun to secure the sticks together. 

Start adding more sticks, going mostly across the heart and securing with glue as you go.

And just keep adding sticks until you get it as full as you want! 

And you are done!! 
I used rope to hang mine, securing the rope on the back with glue.  If I had remembered that I had burlap I may have used that instead, but I still love it!! :) 

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