Thursday, February 13, 2014

Nursery: Stenciled Herringbone Wall

I am so excited to share this with you today, I LOVE THIS WALL!! But first I need to confess that this was not my original idea--I totally copied it from Sawdust and Embryos. Check out her wall HERE; her whole blog is amazing, I love everything she does!

She gives a great tutorial, so I will just quickly summarize and show a bunch of pictures :) She did five sections, I thought that would be a little too big for my small room so I divided my wall into 6 sections, snapped the chalk line and taped it off.

..and I'll go ahead and apologize for poor picture quality; I have yet to figure out how to take a picture of a wall with a window.. so most of these were taken at night.

I picked 6 different colors for this wall and each color had its own stencil. I made all of my stencils to help cut down cost! The red trellis, black triangles, and yellow polka dots I cut with my Silhouette--easy peasy. I thought you could also find a simple scrapbook cut-out/punch in the size of triangle and circles you want and use that to cut out your stencil of you do not have a Silhouette. 

The Light blue trellis stencil I made using a TP roll! :) Super easy! Just dip it in a bit of paint and stamp!

The pink wavy lines I originally intended to use Frog tape for--but it was EXPENSIVE! So I figured I could draw squiggly lines and paint them in ;) Use chalk to draw, paint it, then wipe the chalk off when the paint has dried. 

..making progress...

My last stencil was the turquoise flowers. This was a stencil that I cut by hand a few years ago. I used it in our mud room to make cardboard boxes into cute shoe storage boxes.  

This is a slow process, if you have never stenciled before you might find it intimidating! :) But it is pretty basic. I found it easier and faster to do 2-3 stencils at a time. Most of my stencils would overlap on itself so I would do one stencil and let it dry for a bit while I did another color, then switch back and forth...make sense??

..see how I line it up by overlapping it?? 

..this is two stencils widths across..

More Progress...

And the funnest part---Taking off the tape!!
I Love how it turned out!!!!!!!!

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