Thursday, September 25, 2014

Garden Party

I hosted a small Blogger Social last week and had a blast! I love spending time with talented ladies that uplift and inspire me to do more.
We kept it simple--black and white theme with floral and some gold of course!

Brittany and Steffanie from Living in the Willows  helped me plan and set up everything! Steffanie also made the invitations for this event.

I made outdoor curtains for this event and LOVED how they turned out...I will have a super easy tutorial up for you soon :) 

We had a separate table for crafts

Using my kitchen chairs really set the mood and took the party up a notch! 

We had a variety of flowers, some from my garden and some from Walmart--thats right! They had beautiful flowers at an amazing price. 

As guests arrived I had them start making their own Floral crown. They were so much fun to make, and a great way to get conversations flowing. I took what should have been a perfect picture of us in our crowns....unfortunately it was dark and I couldn't see well enough to focus correctly! :(  I show this picture to prove that 1-we looked adorable in our crowns, and 2-No party comes out perfect! I almost cried when I looked through our pictures and none of the group shots had turned out. Then I just brushed it off, the night was too perfect to let a little thing like pictures ruin it. Notice as well that I didn't have any pictures of the food. The food was AMAZING and beautiful. But between keeping it covered to keep bugs off and making my own floral crown I got distracted and forgot. Thats ok :) This wasn't a picture perfect party. However, I didn't throw it to be! I had a party to get together with some sweet gals, have fun, learn, and be inspired. 
Mission accomplished :)