Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Be A Mom

Today I made my bed.

I am not one to blog about "personal" things--I'm not a motivational speaker nor do I have this infinite pool of wisdom for how to have the perfect life. Actually, most days I feel like I am failing in most areas of my life. And today it finally dawned on me that I was..and why. I haven't been making my bed.

You are probably thinking right now that I am crazy and I am going to lecture on house cleaning. Nope. I just wrote in my journal (first time in awhile..)and this is what is says:

Get Up.
Make your bed.
And be a Mom.

That is all that I needed to do today.

Its late at night. I am typing as I listen to my girls sleep. Tomorrow I will probably be embarrassed that I published such a post as this. But tonight, I know I need it. And I guess I am just wondering if someone else needs it as well.

I am "failing" because I am trying to do to much. And when we take on too much we are not able to give our all in any areas. In this media filled world we live in I often feel like I SHOULD have it all and do it all. And as I am trying to be super women I am forgetting and missing out on the most important role that I have. So today I tried to simplify my life.

Put down the phone--turn off those Facebook notifications so you are not tempted to look at it every minute of the day. Get down and play with your kids. Your day will not be perfect. I still had frustrations. But I also didn't feel like I was failing. I set two goals for myself--make the bed and play with my girls. And I succeeded. I achieved ALL.

Start Small. Today I made my bed and it made all the difference. I encourage you to "make your bed" as well.

I made a Printable to help me remember to simplify my life. And I thought I might as well share it with you! :)

 Download PDF here.
Download PDF here.

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