Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!!

This month went by way too fast!! So instead of doing any of the tutorials I was planning on I am just going to highlight some fun Halloween crafts...

Dead Tree silhouette: I bought large sheets of paper from the dollar store, projected a tree onto it, trace and cut! Simple.

 Witch Legs: Super easy! I found this tutorial of Pinterest showing how you can cast yourself with tape! I then bought the tights from Walmart and shoes from Target.

Skeleton Cookies: This was such a fun project! I decided to try out "flooding" as a way to frost cookies...smoother look and great for decorating. You can know all that I do on it by reading this tutorial! :)  I used the Swig copycat sugar cookie recipe from Vintage Revivals and it was fantastic! 

Made for cute treats for the neighbors! 

If you want to see how to decorate your house for Halloween and still make it look gorgeous check out my friends house!!! .......Give you ideas for what to buy on clearance this year! ;)

And Last but certainly not is a throwback to last year when my daughter was the cutest old Lady ever!!!!  :)

Happy Halloween!!! 

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