Saturday, September 22, 2012

We're Still Here!

We're Still Here!

September has been a crazy month!! We have been working on a billion projects...all at once so none of them ever get fully finished ;) We have also had multiple weekends of family visits which have been so fun!!!
Here are a few of the things we have been working on lately:
Gold painted Picture frame=Done! It used to be black

Stenciled wall=not done... I mixed my own paint for this project and ran out :(
Now I need to mix more and get motivated! 

Closer view of stencil

Chad built these bar stools for me! Plans via Ana White.
Love them :) I need to sand them 
and put a clear coat on.

I used the Jigsaw for the first time!!! It was super easy :)

Finally getting our back entry/ mud room area organized. I'm also getting a few pictures
up on the wall :)

These are just cardboard  moving boxes that I painted and stenciled the same color
as my bar stools!

Thrift store lamps redone! I'm still debating about stenciling
the lamps shades.....

And getting some things up on the wall in the front entry!

Painted Iron was a dark brown/bronze before

Whew! well here are a few things we have going on around here :) I took this whole week off from projects; I needed the break! Now its back to work on Monday!! :)

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