Thursday, October 11, 2012

Peach Cupcakes

I LOVE peaches, they really are my favorite fruit!! I couldn't help but buy a few the other day...even though I knew their season was at an end. I was super disappointed when I went to eat one and the texture was too weird, mushy. Luckily I had found this recipe via Pinterest that I was wanting to try out! They turned out really good! The cupcakes actually weren't super sweet, more like a muffin. Her frosting recipe was super good as well! I didn't add quite as much butter and powder sugar as her recipe called for; I'm not a big frosting fan and the less sugary the better! I also added half a teaspoon of Almond extract to the frosting. It was amazing!! Nothing goes quite as well with peaches as almond extract does ;)

You can find the recipe HERE
Oh, one last change I made; She used dried peaches as well,
I used only fresh puree and just added extra!

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