Friday, October 12, 2012

Getting Organized...Finally!

My Kitchen cabinets are organized!!!!!!!!!!!!! Phew...Chad was nice to remind me that it only took me 3 months :) Too bad there are closets and cabinets upstairs that still need help....I'll get there! I'm that person who is always working on 5 projects at a time with 50 more ideas running through my head to do next! So things kinda take awhile.. :)

This morning my lower cabinets looked like this:

And now I am happy to show that they look like this!:

I Started by grouping like items in the same cupboards. Bowls in one,
baking dishes in another, misc. items...etc.

Most of the racks I was able to find at DI! I also picked up a few at Walmart,
like this two-level dish rack I stacked my bowls on

This still looks somewhat crowded, but everything is similar and 
has its own place so I don't have to dig around or take everything out 
to find what I want :)

These totes where a life saver! Before I just had all these small items floating around,
making a mess and taking up way too much space!

Ahh.. I can breathe for a bit :) Its nice to finally check something off my list!!

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