Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Easter Pallet Art Tutorial

I am loving all the Easter Decorations that are floating around on Pinterest right now! Especially all the cute little Bunnies! I also see a lot of these mini pallet portraits and love them! As soon as I saw one I knew exactly how to make one--for free!!!!!!! :) And is was SUPER easy! 

10 Wooden Paint Stirring Sticks--Lowe's and Home Depot have these FOR FREE
2 Colors of paint 
Hot Glue Gun
Bunny Silhouette 

And here comes a ton of pictures to show you how it works ;)

These are the paint sticks that you have probably seen or used before. Like I mentioned above, Home Depot and Lowe's both carry them and you get them for FREE!! This is what we will use for the "pallets". But first you will need to cut off the handle area so you don't have that little swoop. The picture above shows a stick before and after cutting.
Cut all 10 Sticks.

 Line 2 of the sticks up vertically, 
these will be the back support or brace for the other 8 pallets.

Place some hot glue on each of the vertical pieces. 
Place a pallet piece on top, horizontally. Put pressure on it
to make sure it is secure and the glue sets. 

Continue gluing the rest of the pallet pieces in place. 
I purposely did NOT line mine up perfectly, giving the edges a rugged and scattered look.

This is what it will look like once its all glued together...


Now paint all if it the color you want your Rabbit to be. I used white, it would also 
look good if you just wanted to stain it!
Let the paint dry.

Meanwhile, get your bunny silhouette all cut out and ready :) Find an image you like. 
I just went to Google Images and typed in "bunny silhouette" and picked my favorite one. Print it off--I did mine on a gray scale to save a little ink :)

Cut out the Rabbit so you only have its Silhouette. 

 I used painters tape to secure it to my it wouldn't
move while painting.

Once your silhouette is secure you are ready to paint your second color! 
Paint all the pallet area that is left showing.
When painting close to the silhouette, I would push down on it to help prevent paint
from leaking under. 

Once it is all painted, remove the Bunny Silhouette.

Let it dry.

Once it was dry I took a soft sponge sander and lightly distressed it.

And you are done!!!!!!! 

I LOVE how it turned out! Its easy enough that
I might have to make one for every Holiday ;) Enjoy!

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  1. Love it! =) Good Job! Free crafts are a lot of the time the cutest and the best.