Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Blue Chandelier Make-Over!

Chad has been saying over and over again that this was his favorite project EVER! :) Its amazing what a little spray paint can do!!! A few weeks ago we were walking around Restore like we often do when I spotted this bad boy and instantly fell in love!

This was one large, heavy duty beauty that I couldn't pass up and I knew exactly where it belonged! :) And I will show you how an old $30 chandelier like this along with a couple cans of spray paint can soon become a highlight of your home!

...Its super easy :)

First thing ya need to do...Clean it!
Wipe it down WITH VINEGAR! This will save you! This is a handy tip that I learned via Pinterest :) Wiping down metal objects with vinegar before you paint them helps the paint to stick. I know..I was a little hesitant at first too that's why I tried it out for you :) And I will NEVER paint metal again without first doing this! I didn't have any trouble with the paint sticking, or chipping off after. And this is a 40 pound chandelier that took a lot of gripping, twisting, and handling to hang :)

After it's all clean and vinegar washed you are ready to paint! I did not want to paint the white candle-stick looking area on the lights, so I quickly wrapped them with tin foil to protect (plus you don't want paint getting in the light socket area!).

Now go to town painting! Make sure you get all the different angles..this is the challenge! I was under the chandelier, standing above on a ladder, on each side..etc. Check from several different points of view and at several different times to make sure you get it all painted.

I just grabbed spray paint from Walmart--I needed 2 cans. The color I used was called "Blue Ocean Breeze".

After it is all painted and dried remove the tin foil and put in the light bulbs :) ...My "candle stick" area (not sure what its called..?) was a little brown at the top and at first I thought of painting it white. I then realized that they actually slide out and are long enough to just flip over! ..My pictures will help explain: 

..dirty and worn at the top..

Take it right out! The other end (on the left) is clean and in perfect 
condition. Flip it over so the clean side is on top.

Now it looks brand new! :)

Now hang it and you are done!!!! Enjoy!
..I put ours hanging over staircase...so from upstairs you are eye level with it!! I LOVE it! And I took a billion pictures to prove that I do! ;)

...my view coming out of our bedroom every morning :)
.. remember our cute Gold Polka Dot Bathroom in the background?


  1. Love! Good job Sara! I love old finds that turn into statement pieces for a fraction of the cost of something brand new!

  2. This is so pretty! I love the transformation. I am so glad to have found your blog today. Your newest follower.