Monday, March 18, 2013

Entry Way Makeover: Painting Stripes the Fast Way!

I'm super excited to share our Entry Way Makeover with you today! Along with this SUPER easy Tutorial for painting stripes......without measuring!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's Right!! ;)

Here are some "Before" Pictures of this space:

...Super plain and boring! :) Our Entryway is really small...which makes decorating hard! I'm not able to put a cute table in this small area, which is the standard Entry decor right? :) I decided painting the wall for a bright effect would be fun!

I've been wanting to try stripes for awhile but everyone always tells me how hard it is! AHH! I didn't want a project that took all week....So I found another way to make stripes..without measuring a thing!!!!!! And the whole project only took me 2 Hours!!!!! That includes the horrid taping time as well :)

So what did I do? It's quite simple really..I found a board out in the garage that was about the width I wanted my stripes to be and I TRACED IT! That's it! :) Here are some pictures to kind of guide you:

I know its kinda hard to see my lines and whats going...its also kinda hard to take pictures of yourself doing something... hehehe! :) I did it while the Hubby was a work and Baby Girl was sleeping. I apologize for not having the best pictures but I'll explain as I go! 

I just took this board (making sure first that the sides were level and straight!!)  and put it up on the wall and traced it with a pencil, moving the board down as I needed.  The squiggly lines that you can see above help me to clearly see every-other stripe. I scribbled in the area I would be painting to help me from getting confused! :)

Here is a picture of all my I just had to tape! 

Taping is what takes the longest....the tracing and painting goes really fast! Make sure all you edges are secure! I would run my hand along the wall where the tape was a few times just to make sure it was secure and that paint couldn't leak under. 

Now paint!! I used a small roller and went over it real fast...doing 2 coats of paint total. 

As SOON as you are done with your second coat (or however many you feel it needs to cover well), take your tape off!! Don't wait for the paint to dry before doing this! It makes it A LOT harder to take off and sometimes the paint will peel off with the tape.

And you are done!!

I Finally got some pictures up on the wall as well! Here are the "After" Pictures:

I love it!!!!! My Entry way feels a lot better..more welcoming :) 


  1. I am IN LOVE!! Seriously, that looks soooo good! I love stripes and have always wanted to do Annabelle's room but dreaded having to measure. Definitely trying it this way soon! Thanks!

  2. This looks beautiful! I love it!

  3. Love it Sara! Featured your easy stripes on my blog today!
    You can find it at Thanks again.


  4. Awesome tip! I love stripes! I want to try this in my dining room. If you get a chance, please share this on my sunday linky party: