Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Some Crafts

Here are a few of the crafts I have been doing:

Kitchen Rugs:
I painted our kitchen rugs! They were just too dark for me :)


Lucy peaking over at me :) I feel like our kitchen in so much brighter now! Especially with the new wall collage I made......

Wall Collage:
I did two: one a few  months ago for our bedroom and one recently on the wall between the kitchen/family room area.

 I love Lucy's hands! The top left frame is filled with copies of Lucy's hands..I just did that in our printers copier
I made this for Chad for Christmas

I made this, I just printed off a new one though...all the empty white space at the bottom is bugging me... :)

I have really been wanting an old barn-wood ladder for awhile. However I haven't been able to find one at a reasonable price! So Chad made me one! It doesn't quite look "old" but I still really like it. I stained it with a water/vinegar/steel-wool mixture. 

And Lastly...I got a Silhouette for Christmas!!!! Its this fun crafting machine that looks like a printer but instead of a print cartridge there is a blade. It cuts vinyl, fabric, paper, stencils...etc. I also have colored markers/pens that I can replace the blade with. Its pretty amazing :) ..and I really still dont know how to use it! But I did my first project (with several failed attempts). Chad and I have had this wedding photo up since we got married, the bottom was just blank before, waiting for some vinyl. 

I did learn my lesson with intricate fonts.....I will probably never do it again!!! ;)

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