Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What Color Should My House Be?

House Exterior Dilema

Yesterday Chad and I went to the Design Center to pick out all of the guts of our house..light fixtures, trim, cupboards, floors, etc.  I had to set up another appointment for this coming Tuesday to finalize our exterior colors, our interior decorator that was helping us was not on the same page as me!! It was very frustrating, I had a perfect idea of what I wanted and she kept trying to steer me in another direction! In the end I was just too flustered and frustrated to make a decision! I didnt think the color scheme I had in mind was bad...... :( I am really wanting to go for a light country feeling; with light colors such as white, light grey, and a blue or minty green or maybe even a yellow :) However she kept trying to get me to go towards dark greys, navy, dark green, or beige..NOO!!!!!!!!!!! Was my idea really that bad? I want you to tell me!! I found this cool website that allowed me to pick the colors for a house and save it. I am going to number the homes below and I want you to tell me what one is your favorite, or if I really am crazy..... :)

 #1 grey w/ blue
   #2 grey w/ yellow
 #3 grey w/ mint

 #4 grey w/white

 #5 white w/ grey

Tell me what you think!!!!!!!!!!!!

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