Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I made the decision! Our House Exterior Colors are...

Yesterday Lucy and I went to the Design Center again...hoping that it would be the last time! ;) I was so grateful for all the input I had from you! It made me more confident to go in and tell them what I wanted! And its a good thing to! The first thing she did was show me pictures that she had looked up to give me ideas...and they were all DARK, NAVY blue...Goodness!!! But in the end I think I did get what I wanted...I am still so nervous though! I'm constantly second guessing myself..were the colors light enough? Should I have gone with a more blue-blue instead of a green-blue? UGH!!! I even had nightmares last night that they did my house wrong and everything was ugly!..Like weird old looking yellow tile in my bathroom and ugly cabinets.... Man, I'm at my wits end! :)
So, after hearing everyone's input I played with the color of the house a little more...I kept the blue but went even lighter on the grey..this ended up being my favorite and this was the picture I brought with me!


These are the actual colors I ended up picking---the two middle colors.

And this is the stone. This was my second choice; there was some other stone that was more grey and I LOVED it! However, our neighbors right next to us had already picked it so we couldn't..darn..

And this is the ugliest picture I have ever colored :) I wanted to give you a better idea of what OUR house will look like--this is our floor plan. However I didnt have a light blue-green colored pencil or even a grey... I am hoping our actual house looks A LOT BETTER than this...but I think you get the general idea :)

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