Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Our House!!


So Chad and I have had a very exciting week and the week to come will be even crazier!! WE ARE BUYING A HOUSE!!!!!! Its a little sooner than we were originally planning but we found one we are in love with and didn't want to pass it up :) Its being built right now and we will probably be moving into it in June or July. It's a cute 2 story with an unfinished basement. We drove out there today after church (for the 10th time...hahah) and took some cute pictures for you to see!

 Look at the beautiful blue sky!!! :)
 Chad in our front door 
 Side--window wells for basement
 Our backyard!! 0.18 acres, not a bad size
Our backyard view!! That is a little walking trail and below that is the river..such a pretty 
view and we will never have backyard neighbors!!!! :)

We are so excited!! This week we get to go the the Design Center and pick out everything so that will be a lot of fun :) This week Chad also has to finish his finals so he can graduate on Friday! This week we also have to finish painting the walls in our family room so it doesn't look ghetto when our family comes into town. This week I need to clean my house really well before everyone comes into town--its a disaster. This week I also need to make a whole bunch of food for Chads graduation party, but first I need to go grocery shopping..AHHH!! Its going to be a crazy a week but we are excited and can't wait to see some family soon :)

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