Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Patio Design Board

We can not wait until we move into our home and have our OWN back yard!!!!!!! We are already dreaming and making plans for our landscaping and patio :) Here are our patio ideas:

Chad already made me an outdoor sectional out of pallets! ..That we got for FREE!! Hehehe! :) 

 Sorry about that horrid shadow and all the ugliness in the background....

Now I need to make some seat cushions for them!! And buy these cute pillows at Home Depot that I have had my eye on for awhile (hoping for a sale...!)

We also have some left over pallets, so my most wonderful Hubby is going to make me a coffee table like this one I found on Pinterest! ..of course ;)
Shipping pallet coffee table!! Isn't so cute!! I want to paint mine white too!

We also want to build a brick or stone patio in our backyard and the Chad is going to build a cool Pergola to enclose the area!
pergola w/ brick patio 

 I also want to hang some curtains on it so its pretty and fresh looking like this:
DIY backyard cabana

And to finish it off we are going to get a firepit to put in the corner; I'm really diggin' this one from Kmart, and it's fairly priced! 
Jaclyn Smith Today Fire Pit at Kmart.com
Well, there is my design board for our patio! :) I cant wait to have it all done in just a few months!!!!

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